Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Benefits of a Stay-at-Home Mommy

During the last two weeks, Kenzie's life has changed dramatically. Thanks to my career status change, she has become increasingly spoiled and accustomed to the following:

- Sitting or sleeping in mommy's lap when she's at the computer, instead of locked up in the crate
- Getting the occasional extra bone or treat to occupy her so that mommy can get some job-searching done
- Going for walks or jogs in the park on a daily basis ... hooray!
- Taking naps on the couch, on her favorite ottoman, in mommy's lap ... anywhere but the crate
- Getting to watch mommy try new recipes, or sew, or become other sorts of domesticated
- Taking more naps

This last one, to me, seems like such an optical illusion! Is Kenzie really that long??