Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kenzie's Life in 2010

Kenzie Bean woke me up at 5:50 this morning, no doubt because she wanted me to finally update her blog, which hasn't been touched since November! Kenzie is a very privileged puppy and gets to sleep in our bed, usually right in the middle or under the covers somewhere, or snuggled up against one of us. This is what she does when it's bedtime, so we'll lift her up onto the bed.Our bed's not that high, but she wouldn't dream of jumping up there. She did, however, miraculously develop some jumping skills right after the Christmas break! Took her almost two years, but now she jumps right up on the couch like it's nothing. Or the ottoman, one of her favorite spots when we're watching TV.This is right after I got back from Christmas and picked her up at the kennel - what a happy reunion! She was glad to get all her Christmas gifts. :)As much as Kenzie loves lounging around, she couldn't be more excited to hear the words "walk" or "park." She just knows something good is coming up. We tried out Lake Balboa recently and she tried to make friends with a duck. Too bad she was on her leash!

When I went to New York for work back in February, I got to see Kenzie's Golden Retriever friend, Ari, and he sent her back some delicious hot dog treats! Things were a little light in the friend department since our move, until some of our neighbors got the most adorable long-haired black and white chihuahua named Patches. Kenzie and Patches bonded instantly. Kenzie cries when she sees him and they run toward each other like there's nothing else in the world.