Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kenzie Conquers Runyon Canyon!

Our big little puppy went on an outing with Daddy today, and by the looks of this photo — and the one taken in the car on the way home — it wasn't easy hiking to the top! (FYI, Kenzie's napping again as I type this ...)

Sunday morning family photo!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I think Kenzie looks so refined and "mature" in this photo — so much more like a dog now than a puppy. It is amazing how much she's grown in the past few weeks! When I weighed her today on our scale, she came in at about 13 lbs., at 5 months old. She continues to be the life of our household — especially since Ryan and I are both so exhausted when we get home from work each night. We can see where she's lost some of her baby teeth, and undoubtedly, that makes her still want to chew on everything. Sometimes, as long as it's not wood or my zebra rug (or me!), I just let her chew. :)
This weekend, Kenzie all of a sudden became concerned once again with her reflection. She used to play in front of the big mirror in our bedroom when she was a tiny puppy, but for weeks now it hasn't really bothered her. On Friday night, though, she wouldn't stop barking at her reflection from the bed until I took her right up to the mirror, explained that it was just her (I have no doubt she understood every word), and let her touch her paws and face to it. She was fine ... and then did it all over again! Saturday morning, she went into "attack mode" with that "other dog" in the mirror [see photo below]. Tail just a waggin' ...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kenzie Meets Aristotle!

Last night, Mackenzie got the privilege of joining our small group of young marrieds from church that meets weekly for Bible study. Cora and Stewart, our leaders, were so kind and hospitable to let her come over — as was their golden retriever, Aristotle! He is still fairly young and must've remembered his puppy days, 'cause he played very nicely and somewhat "gently" with little Kenzie.

She was a little scared and shaky when we first entered the house, but in no time, she was running all over, provoking Ari to play, and running under chairs for cover when his daunting size got to her. It was so cute how they played with Kenzie's turtle. Aristotle would hold it up, let her jump and grab it for a bit, and then pull it away. No doubt about who had the advantage there!

Besides meeting Aristotle, Kenzie's favorite part of the evening was that she got to share his treats! Some bacon strips and other stuff ... she just ate and ate and ate , and later, had perhaps the biggest belly I've ever seen on her. I'll have to be a better mommy about monitoring her intake, but she sure did enjoy it!

Sunday, June 15, 2008