Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pretty Little Puggle

Today during our brief lunchtime walk, Kenzie and I met a sweet, old Pug named Dolce, who gave Kenzie some kisses. Dolce's owner couldn't stop talking about Kenzie's cute face and how pretty she is.

"She's the cutest Puggle I've ever seen!" she said.

And to Kenzie: "Do you know that you're the prettiest girl in the neighborhood?"

As Kenzie's mommy, I have to agree. She is cute. And I think her self-esteem got a big boost today.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A little extra

My blog posts have definitely fallen off since Kenzie's first birthday, but my love for her has not! She is still my little "baby" and I'm so glad to come home to her eager little face every day.

Yesterday I took Mackenzie to the vet for three vaccinations (ouch!). She had a pretty exciting time in the waiting room, as there was a baby pug-mix (pugalier?) that looked like a mini Kenzie. Soooo cute. And I had forgotten how soft little puppies are. It was the first time Kenzie has ever played with a puppy full of energy -- this time, she was the one getting pounced on and bitten at. I think she enjoyed it, though.

Kenzie's check-up went well, but the Dr. pointed out that we need to monitoring how much we feed her because she has a "little extra" on the sides. Uh oh!! Should that make me feel like a bad parent? Nah, but it did make me laugh. Just over a year and already getting chunky (OK, not really - just about .6 lbs. off maximum weight - said we need to keep her between 20 and 22 lbs.) Sorry, Kenzie, we are going to have to cut your kibbles a bit!

Another pic from today: